The ARC Party
The ARC Party


Available 4/23! Pre-order today!

FIRST LIGHT is coming out on April 23rd! It’s the much-anticipated sequel to Kerin’s debut novel NIGHT’S EDGE.

First thing’s first: Order FIRST LIGHT right now! And if you’re new to Liz, you can also order NIGHT’S EDGE at the same time, on my Liz Kerin list on Bookshop

Now that that’s taken care of. If you haven’t done so, go back and listen to my interview with Liz for NIGHT’S EDGE.

I don’t know if you know, but vampires are back, in a big way. Leading the charge is Liz Kerin, with her breakout duology about a young woman named Mia, who is navigating a world where vampires are among us, but they’re not welcome. And oh yeah her mom is one, but nobody knows, so she has to be mom’s source of food or she’ll go away. NIGHT’S EDGE established Mia and her struggles with her family secret, and FIRST LIGHT takes her out into the world. All Mia wants is to be a normal person, but she’s haunted by her a past she can’t let go of, and she wants answers.

I really loved these books, and in this episode I got to dig into some of the themes of FIRST LIGHT with Liz. We talked about love, forgiveness, rebellion, and a lot more. And I say “really cool” in this episode enough times that, looking back, I’m a little embarrassed. I need to be better with my choice of words.

Since it’s a duology, I’ll share links to both of the episodes on YouTube, for you visual types:



The ARC Party
The ARC Party
Your first look at upcoming books!
My goal with the ARC Party is to connect readers with books before they release! Much of the success of a new book is connected to pre-orders and early sales numbers, but sometimes people don't hear about a book until long after it's been released.
An episode typically consists of an author giving a quick description of their book, followed by a spoiler free discussion about it. We often talk about themes, characters, settings, etc. But I'm careful to not talk about anything that would ruin the reading experience!