The ARC Party
The ARC Party
Zoje Stage - MOTHERED

Zoje Stage - MOTHERED

With special guest Becky Spratford

It’s time to celebrate another great book, and it’s even greater author!

This time, Zoje Stage (BABY TEETH, WONDERLAND) joins me to talk about her upcoming release, MOTHERED, along with special guest Becky Spratford.

I last had the chance to interview Zoje when her book WONDERLAND was released, but I’ve been an avid reader all along. It was great to catch up with Zoje about this new book, and talk about her journey in publishing. And I gushed a bunch about her amazing dark fairy tale THE GIRL WHO OUTGREW THE WORLD.

Becky. Well, I could talk to her all day. She’s so ebullient and so knowledgeable about the world of publishing. She gave a glowing review to MOTHERED, and we had a moment in a previous podcast where we both geeked out over Zoje’s book WONDERLAND, so I knew she needed to be a part of this episode.

It was a great conversation, and we talked about some really interesting things, so I hope you join us in celebrating Zoje and her books!

Be sure to pre-order MOTHERED now, and while you’re at it, grab all of Zoje’s books! (Here’s a handy list I created:

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Thanks, and let’s get this party started!

The ARC Party
The ARC Party
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My goal with the ARC Party is to connect readers with books before they release! Much of the success of a new book is connected to pre-orders and early sales numbers, but sometimes people don't hear about a book until long after it's been released.
An episode typically consists of an author giving a quick description of their book, followed by a spoiler free discussion about it. We often talk about themes, characters, settings, etc. But I'm careful to not talk about anything that would ruin the reading experience!