The ARC Party
The ARC Party
LitReactor ARChives - Book Reviews

LitReactor ARChives - Book Reviews

Featuring Sadie Hartmann and Becky Spratford

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It’s the third of six LitReactor Archive episodes. In this episode, Sadie Hartmann (Mother Horror), and Becky Spratford (The Horror Maven/RA For All) Joined my on LitReactor’s Unprintable podcast to talk about the art of book reviews.

If you were ever curious about what goes in to a book review, or what some of the dos and don’ts are, this is the episode for you! Hear a social media influencer talk about her take on reviews and how it’s evolved over the years. Hear about a librarian who writes reviews for other librarians. And from me, who just did it on a podcast for a damn decade.

I’ll be posting three more of these! So keep your peepers peeled for episodes about Interviews, Grammar, and LitReactor’s 10th anniversary.

Thanks for supporting me, and I hope everyone has the best possible holiday season.

The ARC Party
The ARC Party
Your first look at upcoming books! My goal with the ARC Party is to connect readers with books before they release! Much of the success of a new book is connected to pre-orders and early sales numbers, but sometimes people don't hear about a book until long after it's been released. An episode typically consists of an author giving a quick description of their book, followed by a spoiler free discussion about it. We often talk about themes, characters, settings, etc. But I'm careful to not talk about anything that would ruin the reading experience!
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