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Available 5/2. Pre-order through Ghoulish Books!

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Robb Olson
Your first look at upcoming books! My goal with the ARC Party is to connect readers with books before they release! Much of the success of a new book is connected to pre-orders and early sales numbers, but sometimes people don't hear about a book until long after it's been released. An episode typically consists of an author giving a quick description of their book, followed by a spoiler free discussion about it. We often talk about themes, characters, settings, etc. But I'm careful to not talk about anything that would ruin the reading experience!
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It’s party time once again! This time around, we’re celebrating something in the woods that’s not quite right.

Jessica Leonard has joined me to talk about her second book, CONJURING THE WITCH (Ghoulish Books, 5/2/2023). If you’re into a rural setting, a church that’s driving its people to do bad things, creepy houses, creepy woods, and feminist rage, this is likely a book you’ll enjoy.

Come for the witch talk, stay for the dinosaurs! That’s right, Jessica is hooked on Jurassic Park, so once our book chat was done, we spent some time talking about a movie that was groundbreaking then, and holds up amazingly well even today.

If you’re catching this episode as it drops, you still have a few weeks to pre-order this book. You can do so HERE with my affiliate link, or HERE through Ghoulish, where you’ll get a signed book sticker.