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Interviews Around The House Part One

Interviews Around The House Part One

Featuring Josh Malerman - discussion of Incidents Around The House

This is the first in a series of episodes with Josh Malerman I’m calling Interviews Around The House, from my recent visit to Michigan for a weekend of hanging out with Josh. If you want to know more about what that weekend was like, check out this post.

In this episode

We primarily talk about Josh’s awesome upcoming release INCIDENTS AROUND THE HOUSE. In future episodes, we talk about Josh’s documentary, his nonfiction book, fandom and the importance of archiving, and the absolute worst idea for Josh’s 41st novel.

A couple notes about the audio: First, this series is audio-only. I managed to capture a ton of audio, but no video. Second, these recordings are literally interviews around the house, so there is often background noise like wind, dogs, tree frogs, cocktails, and Jim Morrison. Most of the discussion is good, but there will be occasions where it’s a little tougher to understand exactly what’s being said. All in all, I think it adds to the atmosphere, but apologies in advance if it has an impact on any of the experience.

Next Episode:

Josh and Robb talk about the Documentary that Josh recorded, how great Daniel Kraus is, what authors are in Chicago and Detroit, and a bunch more.

Coming Soon:

Josh and Robb get tipsy and talk about how important it is to capture the process of creation, and other things I really don’t remember to clearly.


I’ll also be presenting a recording of the rehearsal for Josh’s upcoming stage performance with the group Wow Town, for the release of INCIDENTS AROUND THE HOUSE.

For the folks who prefer YouTube (there is no video, but there are captions.):

The ARC Party
The ARC Party
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