FAQ for Guests

Q: How long should I plan for recording?

A: Unless we’ve established a specific time limit, the goal is to record for about one hour. Because there will sometimes be multiple guests joining, there could be a few off-air minutes on either side of the discussion that are spent waiting for others to join, warming up, or winding down and saying goodbye.

Q: How do you record our conversation?

A: These discussions will be held on, and recorded through Zencastr, an online podcast recording platform. We’ll send you a link to join the call. There is no setup required for you, though we may talk through some computer settings on the day of recording. I’m also happy to talk through how it works in advance. *Note - if you’re on a Mac, you’ll need to use the Chrome web browser.

Q: How can I be sure I sound good?

A: Some notes to help with audio fidelity:

  1. Please find a decently quiet place for recording

  2. If possible, wear headphones to eliminate the echo of our voices coming out of your speakers

  3. If you’re not using a special microphone, please be aware of the location of the built-in mic on your computer, phone, etc.

Q: What if I need to do another take, or need something cut out of the recording?

A: Our discussion will be edited, so if at any time you’d like to retake something you said, remove a comment you don’t want aired, or make any adjustments, let me know what to cut and I’ll be sure to edit it appropriately. I may ask you for a clean retake to ensure the discussion flows properly. Additionally, I’ll always edit for long pauses, excessive repetition, ums and vocal tics, etc.

Q: When will the episode post?

A: My goal is to record and post episodes as far in advance of the release of your book as possible, depending on schedules and availability. After recording an episode, I should have it posted within a week.

Q: How will it be promoted and distributed?

A: I’ll promote it through my personal social media, tag relevant people, and link to pre-orders. Episodes will appear in audio format on my Substack, as well as all major podcast distributors. Video versions of all episodes will appear on my YouTube.

Q: How do I contact you with questions?