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Danielle Trussoni - THE PUZZLE MASTER

Danielle Trussoni - THE PUZZLE MASTER

Available 6/13! Pre-order now. Hardcover, ebook, and audiobook
Book cover. Title The Puzzle Master. Author name Danielle Trussoni.

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Once upon a time I was a host on a podcast called Booked. I was doing this podcast when Danielle published her last book, THE ANCESTOR. We were working on having Danielle on to talk about THE ANCESTOR, and for reasons I don’t recall, it just never happened.

Cut to a few months ago. I catch wind that Danielle has a new book coming out. I’m excited. Then I see the cover. I’m even more excited! Then I read the summary. Then, I realize that there’s no way I’m going to miss another interview.

We had a wonderful discussion about so many thing, as this book consists of so many things. Puzzles! Consciousness. Horror. Thrillers. So much! I’m excited for people to hear Danielle talk about her book, and I'm even more excited for people to get it in their hands.

As a special treat, Danielle has shared with me a photo of the porcelain doll that has been passed down through her family generations, which was the inspiration for the “haunted doll” that’s in the book.

Photo of the top of a porcelain doll
Full photo of the porcelain doll

YouTube video:

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The ARC Party
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