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Daniel Kraus - WHALEFALL

Daniel Kraus - WHALEFALL

Available 8/8 - Hardcover, ebook, audiobook

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After totally losing all information about what day and time it was supposed to happen, I eventually managed to get my act together, use a website contact form, and reconnect and plan out this episode, in which Daniel Kraus joined me to talk a bit about his upcoming book WHALEFALL.

Having authors on who have huge CVs of impressive titles is always intimidating, and when you fuck up the process of getting together, that intimidation multiplies. However, Daniel was super chill, and very kind, and I had a great hour talking with him about Whales, father/son relationships, and how there’s a whole world underwater that most of us have no knowledge of.

WHALEFALL is an intense, white knuckle adventure - through a whale in a literal sense, and through grief, reconciliation, and forgiveness in a metaphorical sense. It’s fast-paced, entertaining, scary, and will challenge you about what’s really important in life. Of the 20-ish books I’ve read this year, I’d say it’s on top of my “can’t miss” list.

I hope you enjoy the episode, pre-order the book, and make sure to find Daniel on his upcoming book tour!


YouTube version, for you folk who prefer to watch:

The ARC Party
The ARC Party
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