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Robb Olson
Your first look at upcoming books! My goal with the ARC Party is to connect readers with books before they release! Much of the success of a new book is connected to pre-orders and early sales numbers, but sometimes people don't hear about a book until long after it's been released. An episode typically consists of an author giving a quick description of their book, followed by a spoiler free discussion about it. We often talk about themes, characters, settings, etc. But I'm careful to not talk about anything that would ruin the reading experience!
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It’s party time! This episode, we’re celebrating the carnage a mermaid and her young wreak.

Cassandra Khaw was generous to spend about an hour chatting with me about their upcoming book THE SALT GROWS HEAVY. It’s a splendidly grim fairy tale that I highly recommend.

We talk about lots of themes that I pulled out of the book, including exploitation, a violent reaction to that exploitation, and love. Specifically, and this tickles me, we got to talk about what I’ve termed “friendship as relationship” storytelling, where love is a component but not necessarily in a romantic context.

Additionally, we get into topics like language, upcoming books, and Richard Kadrey punching a horse.

THE SALT GROWS HEAVY releases 5/2, and you can pre-order it now. Here’s my affiliate link at, for convenience.

THE SALT GROWS HEAVY by Cassandra Khaw