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Cassandra Khaw and Richard Kadrey - THE DEAD TAKE THE A TRAIN

Cassandra Khaw and Richard Kadrey - THE DEAD TAKE THE A TRAIN

Available 10/3 in hardcover, ebook, and audiobook

Pre-order THE DEAD TAKE THE A TRAIN on and grab more books from Cassandra Khaw and Richard Kadrey!

I’ve been stoked about The Dead Take The A Train for what feels like EVER. Before I read THE SALT GROWS HEAVY, before I had Cassandra on earlier in the year. The moment I saw this frickin cover, and read the frickin synopsis, I knew I’d be getting an ARC, reading the shit out of it, and cajoling these lovely and talented authors onto the podcast to answer my clunky-yet-enthusiastic questions.

And I did all of that. And it was great.

I have read something like 23 books in 2023, and I’d say that this is high in the running for most enjoyable. It’s fun, it’s gross, it’s shocking, and it’s endearingly sweet. It is only made better by the knowledge that a lot of the book is drawn from the authors’ own personal, sometimes very bad, life experiences.

The characters are easy to grow attached to, the story is as compelling as it is vast, and maybe best of all, it’s only the first of a two book set! So once you’re done falling in love with the book and its’ characters, you can immediately look forward to spending more time in the future in this bananas world.

But that’s not all! The legendary Richard Kadrey has another book dropping a mere week later, and it sounds like a total banger. THE PALE HOUSE DEVIL gets some time in this episode, so make sure you give Richard’s summary of it a good listen, then head immediately out to pre-order it.

What can I say? The book was great, the authors were SO great, and you, my listeners/viewers are great. It’s all great. So give it a listen, and treat yourself to some books by these incredibly talented authors.

For the folks that like the YOUs and the TUBEs:

The ARC Party
The ARC Party
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