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2024 Horror Preview Part 2

2024 Horror Preview Part 2

July through December - featuring Emily Hughes and Becky Spratford

2024 is still here!

I know I’ve been planning my reading for the year for a while now. How about you? Are you in need of some recommendations? I have just the thing! It’s MORE of The ARC Party’s Horror Preview!

The reason this episode exists is because Emily Hughes aggregates a ton of information about forthcoming horror books every year, and posts a comprehensive, and frankly amazing list of them for everyone to use! You can find it here:

Emily's 2024 New Horror List

Becky wanted to celebrate the launch of the list by diving into some of the titles we’re excited about, so the three of us got together and did a month by month round table, talking about books we’re looking forward to.

Don’t worry! I know you’re going to want to do some shopping, so I made it super easy to pre-order these books, by putting together a list on You can find it here, updated to include all of our new picks!

2024 Horror Preview

Here are all the books mentioned, their authors, and their current publication dates. If you want to read more about them, go to Emily’s list. If you want to preorder these books, go to my list!


Midnight Rooms by Donyae Coles - July 2nd

Bury Your Gays by Chuck Tingle - July 9th

I Was A Teenage Slasher by Stephen Graham Jones - July 16th

Stay on The Line by Clay McLeod Chapman - July 30th

It Came From the Trees by Ally Russell - July 30th

Heads Will Roll by Josh Winning - July 30th


Letters to the Purple Satin Killer by Joshua Chaplinsky - August 6th

House of Bone and Rain by Gabino Iglesias - August 6th

A Mask of Flies by Matt Lyons - August 6th

The Unmothers by Leslie J Anderson - August 6th

Dear Hanna by Zoje Stage - August 13th

Sacrificial Animals by Kailee Pederson - August 20th


Horror For Weenies by Emily Hughes - September 3rd

The Devil By Name by Keith Rosson - September 10th

So Thirsty by Rachel Harrison - September 10th

This World is Not Yours by Kemi Ashing-Giwa - September 10th

Sinophagia: A Celebration of Chinese Horror ed. by Xueling C. N - September 24th

Devils Kill Devils by Johnny Compton - September 24th


Good Dogs by Brian Asman - October 1st

Coup De Grâce by Sofia Ajram - October 1st

The Bog Wife by Kay Chronister - October 1st

All the Hearts You Eat by Hailey Piper - October 15th

American Rapture by CJ Leede - October 15th

Memorials by Richard Chizmar - October 22nd

Three Miles Past by Stephen Graham Jones (reissue) - October 22nd

Zombie Bake Off by Stephen Graham Jones (reissue) - October 22nd

The Long Trial of Nolan Dugatti by Stephen Graham Jones (reissue) - October 22nd


The Keeper of the Key by Nicole Willson - November 12th

Sundown in San Ojuela by MM Olivas - November 19th

Candy Cain Kills Again: The Second Slaying by Brian McAuley - November 12th

The Map of Lost Places: A Horror Anthology ed by Thomas & Conner - November


After the People Lights Have Gone off by Stephen Graham Jones (reissue) - December 4th

The Vengeance by Emma Newman - December 3rd

Private Rites by Julia Armfield - December 3rd

hope you enjoy our discussion, and it gets you excited about some of the books coming in 2024. Pre-ordering is crucial to the success of new books, so I encourage you to do so generously.

Have a book you’re really excited about for the first half of 2024? Share it with me! I’d love to learn about more more more! You can reach out here, or I’m on all the social medias as @thearcparty

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